AC Installation and Service - Rockwood

AC Installation and Service

Kemps Heating And Air Conditioning provides air conditioners with a 15-20 years average life span. Our qualified and licensed AC technicians provide efficient installation and maintenance services to add years to your investment. We offer different types of air conditioners like Window, Central, Tower, Split, Cassette and Heat pumps. Our team follows step by step safety measures and instructions offered in the manuals during installation. After a thorough check up on installation, we provide maintenance schemes to boost the lifespan of the machine and investment worthiness.

Air Heat Pumps Repair - Rockwood

Air Heat Pumps Repair

Kemps Heating And Air Conditioning in Rockwood offers some of the latest high-quality Heat pumps from reliable manufacturers. We repair heat pumps of all makes and model. The air source heat pumps are self-contained as the heat exchanger, and a compressor is located outside with conditioned air passing through the ductwork. Dual fuel heat pumps use electricity and a gas furnace to supply conditioned air. Geothermal heat pumps move heat to the desired location by using ground water or regular water. After inspecting your home or office, our technicians provide analysis of required areas for heat pump installation and ensure proper installation and maintenance.

Gas Leak Repair - Rockwood

Gas Leak Repair

Gas Radiant Heating Services is never something that you can take lightly. A small leak can accumulate and cause an explosion. While this risk is comparatively low, this is why gas leak detection is so important to call an expert. Do not rely on just your sense of smell alone to detect the presence of leaking gas. Gas leak detection, as well as gas leak emergency repairs, is never something you should try to fix yourself, Instead, call Kemps Heating And Air Conditioning in Rockwood, the gas leak detection specialists. No matter how little the gas leak, our team of gas detection experts will find it, so you can return to live or work in complete safety.

Gas Boiler Installation and Repairs - Rockwood

Gas Boiler Installation and Repairs

We provide effective and efficient gas boilers to help save your energy bills while providing exemplary service. Boilers can run on natural gas, electricity, fuel and have varied uses from cooking to power generation. Steam boilers and the hot water boilers are two major boilers that are in maximum demand. Steam boilers create steam by boiling water that travels through pipes to radiators that heat a room. These run on gas, oil or electricity and use pressure gauges, special gauges and blow off valves for operation. Hot water boilers are smaller units that are used to heat smaller rooms with the same process.

Oil Boilers Installation and Repairs - Rockwood

Oil Boilers Installation and Repairs

Getting a good quality oil boiler fitted is a great solution If your property does not have a main gas supply. Our team at Kemps Heating And Air Conditioning in Rockwood has the experience and expertise to advise on and install the top-notch oil boiler for your residential property for a competitive rate. If you want oil boiler maintenance or repairs, our skilled experts can take easily care of that for you. Contact us today to discuss your needs with our experienced, professional team.

Heating System Installations - Rockwood

Heating System Installations

As your residential heating system ages, it can lose efficiency or stop working altogether. At Kemps Heating And Air Conditioning, we provide the highest level of quality in installation, repair, maintenance and all jobs are done by highly-experienced contractors you can trust. We offer top quality heating systems, so you can save up to 30% on heating costs this winter while staying warm. Whether your system just needs a small amount of maintenance occasionally, a heavy duty repair or even a replacement, Kemps Heating And Air Conditioning is ready to assist you immediately. Call today for immediate consultation from one of our many licensed Heating System Repairmen.

Electric Repair - Rockwood

Electric Repair

At Kemps Heating And Air Conditioning in Rockwood, we provide an array of licensed residential electrical services for home electrical installations and repair. For us, no installation is too large, no repair too small. We are committed to excellence, which is why we go above and beyond to ensure your needs are met. If you are looking for reliable electric repair services in Rockwood, just give us a call! We are local, licensed, and ready to take on your next electric project at a price you can afford.

Furnace Installations and Repairs - Rockwood

Furnace Installations and Repairs

Kemps Heating And Air Conditioning provides home and offices with the modern day heating system that transfers heat through an intermediary distribution system. We sell high-quality household and Industrial furnaces in Rockwood. Household furnaces can be operated by hot water boilers or through air convection. Industrial process furnaces use fuel that is burnt with air blowers that produce heat. Our furnace technicians are experienced in handling Installation and repairs of all types of furnaces.

Radiant Heating Services - Rockwood

Radiant Heating Services

Kemps Heating And Air Conditioning offers expert services in radiant floor heating unit specializing in both wet installations and dry installation in Rockwood. Radiant heating systems create different zones to give various levels of heating, cutting down on your energy bills. Our technical experts are experienced in providing a proper plan to customize tubes of the heating unit to match your floor size. We provide different kinds of radiant heating systems from air heated that uses solar air heating device to Electric that uses wires that are retrofitted on floors and Hydronic Radiant Floors that uses heated water from a boiler that circulates heat through tubes in the floor.